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4 Ways to Make Money with Blogs Starting Now

Tips On How To Make Money Online by Becoming a Blog Artist

Do you know you could start making money with blog starting from this moment and still attract the right audience? Well, in this post, I covered 4 ways to make money with blogs starting now.

In my last post on how to make money from blogs, we look at why it is still possible to win with blogs as well as a brief overview on ways you can monetize them.

In this publication, you’ll discover some specific resources you can use to make money online with every blog you’ve created.

Let’s start!

How to Make Money with Blogs Using Affiliate Programs

An example of how you can promote a product, website or service as an affiliate is through a Review post.

Affiliate marketing is a very popular (and powerful!) Way of not only making money from blogs, but online in general.

You are able to promote other people’s products and earn a commission for every sale you make. This means that you can skip the process of discovering the product to be created and jump directly to find excellent products to sell.

make money online blogging

Features to check: – Probably the greatest resource for products that you can promote as an affiliate are numerous, you can check them out. – This is my affiliate link for the program. As a member, you earn 50% – 75% commission on each sale.

How To Make Money With Blogging Using Advertising

There are two main types of advertising here:

  • Automated Advertising
  • Paid Advertising

When most people start learning how to make money from blogging, these two methods are probably the most common ones to start with.

Automated advertising with Adsense

Programs like Google Adsense allow any site owner, including bloggers, to display ads related to the content of the site.

As traffic reaches your site, the ads are displayed. Each time someone decides to click on an ad, you receive a portion of the money that Google earns.

Some marketers make a full-time income using this method. However, if you’re just getting started, you’ll need to learn the basics of keyword research and how to target those keywords.

Paid advertising

Once your website is established and generating a pleasing amount of traffic, you can justify charging individuals or companies to advertise on your website.

Paid advertising is wonderful because you get paid to host the ad itself. You do not need to generate a certain amount of clicks to make it profitable.

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