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Many women worry about the size of their vagina, especially after having a baby. Are you interested in knowing more about this topic? Keep reading…

On average, the vagina measures 3 to 4 inches deep during periods of inactivity, although in some women it may be 5 to 7 inches deep. As the woman becomes aroused, the vagina expands; When blood flows into this area, the cervix and uterus are pushed to create more space. This expansion helps to accommodate the penis and facilitate intercourse.

vagina deepDoes the size of the vagina affect sexual enjoyment?  Actually the vaginal size is not usually a concern for full sexual enjoyment. There are other factors that can affect, for example the lack of lubrication, libido, pre-penetration games, the connection you have with your sexual partner, the size of the penis, etc. The vaginal length and depth do not correlate with the desire of women, pleasure, excitement and / or sexual satisfaction.

vagina flaccid: why it happens and how to correct the problem . If the depth of the vagina has little to do with sexual enjoyment, the flaccidity of the vagina does influence directly. There are many causes that originate it. The main cause is the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscle surrounds the muscle of the vagina and the vaginal wall. When it is tight, tension adds enjoyment to your sex life.

Here are 3 main reasons why vaginal flaccidity can occur:

Natural Aging: As a woman ages, her vagina becomes more flaccid; This inconvenience can be prevented and corrected by performing the appropriate exercises.

Frequent pregnancies: If a woman has frequent pregnancies, so that there is not enough time for the pelvic floor muscles to strengthen between births, then her vagina may be more flaccid than normal.

Medical conditions: In rare cases, some severe medical conditions can cause flaccidity in the vagina. More in:  3 myths about tight or wide vaginas

How can you tone your vagina

Orgasm:  essentially the orgasm is the contraction of the pelvic floor muscle, which means that you can tone your pelvic muscle if you have orgasms on a regular basis. The more orgasms you have, the stronger your pelvic floor muscles will be. ( See: Female orgasm )

Kegel exercises: also known as pelvic floor exercises, Kegel exercises focus on strengthening the pelvic region, in order to help prevent weakness in the pelvic floor muscles. It is important to note that Kegel exercises will only be effective if they are performed on a regular basis.

Insert balls of Ben-wa: also known as geisha balls, you must insert them into your vagina while doing Kegel exercises to help strengthen and tone your vagina. Since these balls weigh, your pelvic muscles will have to work hard to sustain them.

Try other exercises:  other types of exercises, such as pilates and yoga, can also help strengthen the pelvic muscles. The addition of new exercises will also help keep your routine interesting and prevent you from becoming a sedentary person.

Eat healthy: make sure you supply your fats are excellent for good muscle health.

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