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How To Become Rich And Independent By Becoming a forex trader

How To Become A Profitable Forex Trader

It’s very much possible to become rich and independent trading the forex market. That also depends on what been RICH in your own terms is.

If been rich is all about freedom and independents and having more than enough to pay up your debts, pay your rents, and wards school fees, and still have more than enough to spare for those who comes to you for help. Then you are on the right track.

Currency trading in my opinion is one of the easiest and best ways to become rich when it comes to making money. Aside from forex day trading, running an online business, or owning your own corporation are other options to considered.

Do you have the resources to own a corporation? I doubt and I believed that’s the essence of been here to look for means to make more money aside from your 9 to 5 hours jobs which I know you want to break away from. Because this is slavery, you are not been paid your worth and you know it.

You don’t have the freedom to do what you want and the salary or wages at the end won’t even tally with your efforts. Besides, with the higher inflation… what can you simply do with such peanuts?

So, forex trading is the way to go friend.

What Does It To Become Independent And Rich Trading Forex Market?

Just like in any business out there… before you invest your hard earned money into any venture wont you acquire the technical know-how of the trade you are trying to invest into?

This is the same thing with forex trading. You need to have proper knowledge on how the forex market works and how you can take trades without fear. This could only be possible when you have the right knowledge about the forex market.

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Things You Ought To Know Before Investing Your Money In Trading

You need to understand how the forex market moves and this could be possible when you understand price action, risk and money management, and understanding supply and demands. All these are things you should know before investing your money.

Here is a course that can help you with all this… besides, it is said that your mentor would determine your method. This statement holds true.

Because, for you to be a profitable currency trader, you need to have someone has been where you are and move passed that stage. This is the only person that could understand the frustrations and pains you are going true.

In 2007 when i started forex trading, i started out by researching about forex and reading and watching all the video trainings on forex i could lay my hands on. After 2 weeks of learning… I taught i know it all, then, I used my school fee back then to trade forex and I lost everything.

I was in a deep mess — and that was when I decided to try other method which involves searching for forex trading systems, robots, and strategies. Even with all this i still end up losing.

Does this Sound Familiar?

These are things every successful forex traders goes true before finally they get their breakthrough. This breakthrough can only come by meeting the right person who can take you by hand and help you succeed by putting you through the right way of trading.

I invested a lot in courses and even attend trainings and seminars and what they teach are nonsense… they kept on repeating what I already know.

My breakthrough came when I met someone who is experience in trading the breakdown everything to me and that was when i knew forex trading was simple, easy, and make one become rich.

Fast forward to present day. Last 2 months, i was doing some research on how much i have spent on forex trading before I started making money. I found out that I have spent over $16,000 both in training and money which I have lost…this was surprising.

Can you imagine?

This is outrageous but that’s was happened. When you have the time, I want you to calculate how much you’ve spent trying to trade the forex market.

You will find out that you’ve spent a lot which could be used for something better and reasonable. This is why you need a course that can help you bypass this pains and frustration.

Is it worth trading forex?

With all I have said, trading forex is worth it. All you just need is the knowledge of been able to pick trades with confidence which could come from understanding the currency market.

What percent of day traders are successful?

It is said that only 5% of market participants make money from forex trading. What then happened to the remaining 95% of traders? If you are reading this post, you should know the answer to that question.

The reason still holds true—which is lack of proper education about the currency trading. To be among the profitable 5% forex traders, you need to invest on yourself no 2 ways about it.

Is the forex market profitable?

Yes. I can tell you without pride that I can pick 8 successful trades out of 10 trades and make cool cash from it without even trying.

Most people don’t even know I trade and this is because I don’t sit on my system trying to over analyze the forex charts.

Everything I needed are already interpreted on the charts and all it takes me is just 30 minutes of my time every money to scan the chart. After that, Identify a trade I would love to take and that was it.

At times, I take trades off my phone. Aside from those I have trained, people don’t really know my source of income. That’s what I term to be rich and independent. If trading forex isn’t profitable, I wouldn’t be able to come up with this blog.

In fact, it’s one of the best thing that has ever happen to me and I believe that’s what you need, the right education material and mentorship program.

How much do you need to start trading forex?

If you are good at trading, $100 will do if you don’t really have much… it’s better than having nothing. This was how I too started my trading career, I was able to double it in 2 weeks doing aggressive trading… and after 3 months; I was able to turn that money into $500 before I started trading normally.

With a target of making $50 on a daily basis, I was able to make a living trading forex. However, if you have the capital, let’s say like $5,000 to $100,000 what else are you looking for? I would advise you keep that money and learn the necessary things you need before investing that money.


I would recommend forex wealth strategy. The Forex Made Easy guide is one course i would recommend to you if you truly want to become a profitable forex trader. You will learn candlestick patterns and in addition, you will also get to learn how to identify trending markets, ranging markets, and choppy markets.

Like I said earlier, your success is tied to you been able to predict currency pairs with accuracy and not wishing for lucks. Luck is for the lazy ones. Been able to analyze different times is the key.

More so, you are not left alone after learning, there is a trading strategies that focuses on price action. In this section, you will get to learn how to put everything you’ve learn’t so far. This will only take you 2 weeks if you could immerse yourself into it and trade for about 2 months consistently.


My conclusion on whether you could be rich trading the currency market or not is that you could be rich trading the FX market. This is a fact, but you need a proper education about what moves the market.

Don’t be like those who are looking for a quick and get rich scheme… because to me those things don’t really work. They are just a waste of time, effort, and resource.

You too can attest to this, if not I don’t think you will be here reading this post. What are you waiting for? Realize your dream of becoming rich and independent by learning how to trade. Get the course here now.

P.S: Mind you, you have nothing to lose… if after purchasing the course and you found out it doesn’t delivered as promised, you can always ask for a refund of your money and there will be no question asked.

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