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Old school new body Review

Discover How to Lose 20 pounds of Weight In 21 Days

Hey Friend,

Can old school new body help you shed out that excess body fat and sculpt that leaner, firmer, and muscle toned body? Join me as I'll be reviewing a muscle building and weight loss program targeted majorly at seniors.

This program is called "old school new body" guide. This review will be divided into 3 sub topics which are:

  • Detailed overview of old school new body
  • We'll also cover the pros and cons of Steve and Becky Holman's weight loss guide
  • And lastly, I'll touch upon our take on what this program is about.

Notes: if you think you can’t wait to start losing weight or add up more muscles into your frame, kindly get a copy of Old School New Body Guide here.

Alright, Let's get going...

Detailed overview of old school new body

What Exactly Is The Old School New Body Program All About?  Old school new body is a weight loss guide that teaches you simple and effective weight loss strategies that can be applied into your day to day live.

old school new body
The best Weight Loss and Muscle Building Guide

As you know over 80% of people out there  wants to look and feel great irrespective of their age; the good thing about this is that both young and old feels this urge of looking good, agile, and healthy.

However, Steve has come out with a Breakthrough Research which has been proven to be effective.

These strategies can be done within the space of 10 minutes on a daily basis and 90 minutes weekly. Its flexible and easy to implement.

There are several guides compiled in the old school new body manual. These program enables you to be able to get the kind of body you've always wanted.

How true is this... you might ask? Right?

Well, according to several testimonials from those who has make used of the old school new body guide has be inspiring.

In fact, most of their feedback contains one element of truth -- which is, the old school new body helps in slowing down aging process which in turn enables you to look far younger than your age and keep fit at the same time as well.

The Question Is How Can This Be?

You see, Steve has been in the industry for a very long time. He has also trained a lot of veteran experts and celebrities. So, he knows a lot of secrets to good health.

The old school new body by Steve does not only teach you how to sculpt great looking body. He also went on to uncover the kind of exercises to be done, the right kind of diet that get you in right shape as well.

Who Can Make Use Of The Old School New Body Program?

The old school new body system is designed for those who are between the age of 35 years and above who are interested in losing weight. Those, below these age bracket can also make use of this weight loss guide.

There are reason(s) why the old school new body guide is the best compared to those who goes to the gym. let's take a look at statistics.

...It is said that only 1/2 of 1% of those that goes to gym actually experience significant body transformation over the years.

Have you heard about the Pareto principles?

The law states that 20% of people controls 80% wealth of the nation. Now, how can this be applied to our daily life? By looking at the weight loss example...

the old school new body guide
The old school new body guide

you'll get to discover that its not by how long you carry out exercises: but rather, the kind of exercises, movement and the level of intensity at which it is been done that matters.

Steve and Becky's Old School New Body Comes In 3 Forms Which Are:

PHASE 1. F4X Lean

What is your goal? Is it to lose 30, 40, or perhaps 50 pounds of weight? Well, whatever your goals are.

Am certain that you'll be able to do so. Besides, there are meal plans and specific kind of exercises that's designed to enable you to quickly get rid of excess body fats such as losing at least 20 pounds and above.

You can decide to remain at this level or move on to the next stage which is...

PHASE 2. F4X Shape

This F4X Shape is designed to help you build up your frames, tone up your body muscles and build that lean body you've always wanted. This particular guide also uncovers how you can add up more muscles to your frames as well.

As the name suggests, getting lean is the focus of this stage. this implies that you get to burn out more body fats and calories at the same time while eating more.

Isn't this amazing?

Knowing that you don't have to starve yourself all because you want to lose weight is a great relief if you ask me. Diet and nutritional guide that comes along with this guide is more than enough for you to get yourself going.

PHASE 3. F4x Build

Want a great looking and killer shape that most will die for to have? Whether you're the kind who is always busy irrespective of your gender.

The F4X Build will unravel all the necessary techniques, and exercises to build up more muscles.

…At this stage, you can easy add up more muscles into your frames. How much muscle you want to add depends on your goals.

But one thing for sure is that you will stay fit -- you don't have to be as big as a wrestler; the program will also enables you maintain and keep this feat.

This Leads Us To The Next Phase Which Is The Pros And Cons Of Old School New Body Guide


Ease of Implementation

The old school new body guide comes with simple and effective strategies that enables you to be able to get rid of excess body fats, add up more body muscles into your frames as well.

Refund Rate

The beauty is that the refund rate is reasonable... this indicates that you have nothing to be worried about. Since so far, there have been very low refunds rates.


The old school new body program is a digital guide... this indicates that it is also susceptible to flaws as well just like other digital guides out there.

However, that's not to say the old school new body program doesn't work. In fact, it requires a lot of disciplines for you to get the best out of old school new body program.

Result Oriented

Steve and Becky Holman's old school new body guide takes you from the very beginning to a more advanced stage. this signifies that both beginners and advanced users will find this weight loss program interesting and useful.


Requires Lot of Disciplines

For you to really get the very best out of old school new body guide... you need to be disciplined, inspired, and strictly adhere to the instructions laid out in old school new body guide.

Extra Cost

For those who doesn't likes to read through the computer screen, this will cost extra money for the print out of the manual.

Depends on Body Type

For any products or program to work effectively... it also largely depends on one's body type. this implies that the product might not quickly give you the kind of results you are looking for. Nonetheless, Steve's guide covered this aspect. There are kinds that comes along with the old school new body that touched upon several body types. so, you have nothing to worry about.

Requires Work

If your aim is to look for a easy way out. My friend, am afraid this will be the wrong guide for you. The techniques requires efforts on your part for you to see great results. this implies that you need dedication.

So, What's Our Take On Old School New Body?

Having gone through the old school new body... and also, with the level of testimonials which has been overflowing indicates that the old school new body is a great weight loss program to have.

All you need to know about losing weight as quickly as possible as been laid out. Imagine yourself having well tested and proven techniques on how to get rid of excess body fats or weight whilst adding more muscles into your body frames.

How would you feel?

That's what Old School New Body Manual is designed to do. It's simple, easy to follow. And it is designed with beginners in mind.

But on the other hand, if you think you are an advanced user, you can easily skip the step 2 or 3 to add more muscles into your frames with just 90 minutes of your time weekly.

This is the part that got my interest at the first place...

So, if you are keen in losing weight, or stay fit. whatever your goals are. the old school new body system the best guide I would gladly recommend to you. Get the book now and start enhancing your body as quickly as possible.

Without any further ado, you can click on the link below to obtain a copy of old school new body now.

Grab Your Copy of Weight Loss & Fat Burning Guide By Steve and Becky Holman Right Away.

Thanks for reading...

P.S: You can share your experience with the old school new body guide by leaving a comment at the comment section. You can as well share this review on your social media so that others who are interested in learning how to lose weight will be able to find this old school new body review.

Once again, have a nice time.

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