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The 8 best platforms to create a website for bloggers

How To Become A Better Blogger

What are the best platforms to create a new blog? Are you new to the blogging world and looking for a platform to launch a new blog? Do not worry; we’re here to share a list of the top blogging platforms and famous blogs.

No matter, if you blog for your passion, for fun or for profit, you should choose the right platform for that.

When you are looking for a blogging platform on Google, you will receive a list of blog sites in front of you, which may confuse you. To facilitate your search here is the list of the best platforms to start your career.

wordpress blogger

1. WordPress

Being a web developer and digital marketer who run his own web agency, I would recommend that you use WordPress more. WordPress does not require any introduction; it is the most popular blogging platform in the world.

It is the best platform to start your career as a blogger and besides, it doesn’t require any coding experience and can be easy to manage by a non-technical person.

In this, you will have many themes, templates and free plugins to customize the look of your blog exactly how you want it, have unbeatable and excellent experience. It’s probably the best option, especially for beginners, who’s just starting out as a blogger.

blogger blog

2. Blogger

It is the best and reliable blogging platform that you can try to start your journey. It’s a Google own product and it’s free and easy to handle.

It can offer many themes and even allow you to purchase plugins of your choice. With this platform you do not have to work hard just write your unique content, add images and publish it.

tumblr blogger

3. Tumblr

Another great contender is Tumblr — Tumblr has over 170 million active users at the moment, by posting your blog on Tumblr you can reach all of them.

It is one of the most used sites for blogs. It offers many creative ways to change the look of your post. It is very easy to use and allow your readers to share your post by re-blogging.


Free Tumblr guides are available for news. It allows you to target a large-scale audience according to your niche. It is not necessary to have a high technical knowledge to deal with this.

medium blogger

4. Medium

Medium is founded by twitter is one of the best blog publishing sites. It’s a perfect place to publish your unique content and reach out to universal people. This will allow you to share your story by content and images. This will attract people or traffic in the post with the same interest.

weebly blogger

5. Weebly

It provides a custom domain and you can create a blog of your own. It is a hosted platform that allows you to build a website using drag and drop tools. It comes with many themes ready to use that you can customize according to you buying using its interface.

It has fast and easy settings, drag and drop, so no technical skill is required. But you cannot add new features. Weebly’s free plan allows you to try the service before you buy.

ghost blogging

6. Ghost

Ghost is a platform with limited resources focused on writing blog posts. It is also available as a hosted platform, also as software that you can install and host. It has a clean, splintered and intriguing user interface. It’s super fast because written in javascript. But the ghost is not easy to customize with applications.

wix blogger

7. Wix

Wix is ​​a highly popular and cloud-based web development platform that allows you to create a website or blog totally free. You can drag and drop options to build your site.

It will offer unique and attractive templates, which can be easily customized. In addition, it also allows you to add applications and social networking links to your website or blog. it is highly safe to use and trust.

 Live Journal blogger

8. Live Journal

It is available in free and paid version, so you can choose it according to your need. For popularity among writers, it is used by more than 16 million bloggers on this earth.

It also supports multiple languages ​​and allows you to write in your native language, which increases your reputation among writers and better than any other platform.

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